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Reasons You Should Opt For WPVC Doors From Niki Doors

Updated: May 23, 2022

A WVC door is a wood plastic composite door that is made from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic, they are the new green material, ecofriendly product while also being budget-friendly. There has been a growing demand for WPC doors with more and more people opting for these doors due to various reasons. Before you choose a door for your home, you might want to check out a few reasons and features as to which one matches your requirements or why should you be choosing a WPC door?

Reasons You Should Opt for WPVC doors

  • When you hear the word WPC the only thing which comes to your mind is its tremendous characteristics because of which there is a surge of it being used in doors.

  • Apart from being eco-friendly, these doors are also a budget-friendly product.

  • Once you opt for a WPC door, you can totally forget about it as it can easily be maintained and cleaned. They don’t need to be painted or laminated nor do they creak. A soap wash with water can make it sparkle like a new product.

  • These are non-corrosive, colours do not fade easily, have long life space, and these properties of WPVC make them a widely preferred choice.

  • A WPVC door can also be customized as a designer door to suit your needs and some are available as ready-made doors and do not require any finishing.

  • There is no need to laminate these in order to make them beautiful as these can be painted.

  • WPC doors have good durability.

  • They are termite proof so you can be free of termites or other pests that can cause damage.

  • These doors can be installed easily. Usually, to fix a door a skilled carpenter is required but as there is no hassle for installation, any person with sufficient knowledge and required tools.

  • A WPC door is a waterproof door and cannot absorb moisture which causes expansion and contraction of volume during damp and dry weather conditions even when they are exposed to it.

  • Home with pets and kids need not worry as there is no need for painting because it is scratch resistant.

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