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About Us

We are the leading manufacturers of premium quality doors!

Home furnishing doors with premium quality materials sourced from all over the world.

Niki Doors has been a leading trading house for a wide array of door and allied products since1995! We provide unique designs with a superior quality finish at stunning prices. we offer a complete range from basic flush doors to high-quality teak doors to long-lasting bathroom doors which meet the international market standards. Further, we cater to varied requirements in the construction, interior designing, and architecture industry with 4 decades of experience.


We have been specialists in this market for the past 27 years and we are one of the top companies when it comes to manufacturing strong, durable, and long-lasting doors with superior quality and strength. We design, produce, and distribute an extensive range of interior and exterior doors, wood, vinyl, plywood, frames, and other related products to renovate your spaces, be it commercial or residential.



We aim to set a new standard of excellence for door contractors globally, that raises the bar when it comes to first-class customer service, industry knowledge, and craftsmanship. We believe in providing a high-quality solution-focused process with the air of cutting-edge technology.

Who We Are:

A 4th Generation Family business of timber and doors started by Madhusudan Patel, popularly known as Niki Impex, with a brand name of Niki Doors. Niki Doors has been a magnificent contribution not only to people’s homes but also to their lives. Niki Doors is well known for its tagline “Fix it…Forget it.”, having more than 500+ door designs and 100+ shops all over South India. Helping people choose the right product for their home.


What We Do:

We are into manufacturing and trading of all types of doors and timbers, you name it & we have it! Our product range includes Home Furnishing Doors of different types and variants i.e., Plywood, Blockboard, African Teak Doors, Flush Doors, OST/BST Decorative doors, Veneer Groove Doors, Micro Coated Laminated Doors, CP Laminate Doors, Membrane Doors, Molded Panel/HDF Primer Doors, WPC Doors, Frames, and many others.

What Matters To Us:

Doors are not just products, but they are the main showpiece to your home. Any guest who enters the house/room starts imagining about the place by looking at the entrance, and this is the reason ages ago emperors and kings used to keep their entrance strong and attractive.
Hence in Niki Doors what matters to us the most is customer satisfaction with quality products and service as our top priority. Our 27 years of experience in this field has helped us serve more than 5,00,000+ happy customers. We believe that customer is not one-time purchaser, but they are a point for creating more referrals and this is the reason we still survive in this market.

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Words From The Founder

“I started Niki doors in 1995. Prior to this we used to be a huge importer of timber logs from Burma and had my own timber sawmill in Bangalore. During that time people usually used to buy blockboards and make doors out of them. There was too much wastage in this process and to reduce that I started Niki doors to supply ready-to-fit doors to end-users of different sizes. We have more than 500+ designs and 200+ shops all over South India. I personally believe quality is the greatest of all in any product; hence we also offer 2 years unconditional replacement warranty for our doors.

My passion and love for timber and sales have helped me grow big and build this huge empire. It had been an interesting journey from start and we keep thriving to get more and more varieties of doors each year. We are also planning an expansion looking at the current requirement of good quality doors in the market and we are reaching out to interested people for distributorship and dealership.

As time goes, we keep upgrading our product category looking at customer needs i.e., flush doors were used for bathroom doors before, which gives life for 5-10 years & that was the only door, which was being replaced on a regular basis, keeping this in mind we introduced WPC doors and frames 5 years ago which gives a lifetime guarantee for water, termite, and borer. Even though we knew WPC doors and frames are for a lifetime and we are not going to get any repeated orders from our customers for the bathroom, but we look forward to satisfying customer needs and not for repeated orders for the same project. Recently we have added WPC windows to our category as well.”

Why you should buy from us?

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27 years of experience in this industry


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